In the last century I dedicated all my time to writing, published two books then one got lost in a telephone cell and another one, which I finished in Barcelona on 31st December 2000 got me into a dispute with the Dutch publisher which meant the end of that book, and basically of the possibility to get something published in the Netherlands.
I got introduced to the strange world of extreme sounds by Zan Hoffman who I met during my four month stay in Barcelona that started now exactly 15 years ago.
Ever since than I have been producing, recording and putting out sounds. Performing alone or in different collaborations made me arrive in squats and in institutional places and everything you can imagine in between.
After an intensive seven years in Berlin I moved to the South of Italy where I try to set up an artist in residence place. I keep on producing tapes, take care of staalplaat’s cassette label staaltape and am administrator,curator and programmaker for Radio On in Berlin.
Oh, I got a book published this year thanks to my friends at Cavelonte edizione and Swollen Avant Garde Press in Ravenna. It’s called Stop the Music. It’s a novel about sound.